Happy Chanukah!

photo 3Today, as I celebrated the first day of Chanukah, I also celebrated my first anniversary in Eretz Yisrael. It’s was a very challenging year, but it was a year filled with many miracles and stories of hashgacha pratis (divine providence) that I will share in future posts. Although I miss my friends in the states, but it’s really great to be here with most of my family. I will never forget the night my mother and I arrived here and how everyone was waiting for us with excitement by the apartment on Strauss. It was so nice to be with everyone and I am so happy and thankful to Hashem that I can celebrate Chanukah here in Jerusalem once again as is truly a big miracle.


Hello world!

On the first night of Chanuka, 2011, I arrived in Israel with my mother for what was going to be a three in a half week vacation to visit my dear siblings and their families.  We also came to see what our options where in order to make aliyah that summer. I will never forget that night when I arrived in Israel and how excited I was to finally be here. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a new chapter in my journey in life.  Two weeks later, I was hospitalized with a severe case of pneumonia and a collapsed lung, and I spent the next three in half months in Shaare Zedek. It was a very difficult time and I will write the many stories of hashgacha pratis that accompanied me and helped me pull through.  I am currently living in Yerushalayim where I have always wanted to live. Although it was not the way I dreamed of coming and settling here, but it was definitely the hand of Hashem that brought me here.

The reason I started this blog